No salt or wrecks

  • Northern and wrecked cars are worth less because they tend to have more problems over your time of ownership. Why would you buy one if you had a choice? If a car has never been wrecked and put back together you don’t have to wonder if it was repaired properly. Many repairs look good to the eye but are not fixed correctly. Most of the ownership nightmares I hear about are with Northern and wrecked cars. The only way to know if a car was repaired properly is to own it an find out of it can’t be aligned, or has excessive noises, or items can’t be repaired due to being repaired improperly. The risk is not worth the savings. They will always be worth less on trade also.
  • No Northern Cars with excessive salt exposure. Many of my competitors sell cars from New York – New Jersey – Pennsylvania etc. because they can buy them cheaper – check the CarFax carefully. Salt exposure may cause rust during the time you own it. Emissions systems and brake systems typically fail sooner and cost more to repair because of the salt exposure as well. I do buy cars from Florida. The salt in the air does not harm the paint since it has been galvanized, painted, and clearcoated. The real threat is from salted roads not the air.
  • No Repainted Metal Body Panels (doors, hood, fenders etc.) unless clearly disclosed in the exterior description. I use an Elcometer Paint Thickness Meter (a $600 tool) for positive verification. If I have a vehicle that has had paintwork, it must be professional and acceptable quality and again – I will clearly disclose it in the notes. If I claim a vehicle hasn’t been repainted – ask me to prove it to you.
  • No Replaced Metal Body Panels. All Honda and Acura vehicles ( and some other makes) have Vehicle Identification Numbers (V.I.N.) clearly posted in conspicuous locations. I check those numbers against the V.I.N. posted in the windshield and on the title. Ask me to show them to you.