I sell EasyCare warranties. They are the administrator of Honda's "private label" factory extended warranty which is called HondaCare. It is the same policy and coverage. It is a privilege that I am able to qualify as an independent dealer to sell this policy. Because I sell primarily Honda, Acura and Toyota products that have been serviced "beyond certified" requirements they were willing  to sign me up as a non-franchised dealer.

I only sell the the TotalCare coverage plans because they are the best policy without any "holes" in coverage. Please view the link to see coverage information on the EasyCare website:

Easy Care Warranty

I sell the policy at  a deep discount from the suggested retail price so it is affordable. I want my clients to be satisfied and doing this ensures you are getting the best value. It is an exclusionary policy which means they state what is not covered. Most policies state what is covered leaving you to guess if a component is covered. The language is very simple:

It’s ideal for car, truck and SUV owners who want full protection, from front to rear and top to bottom of their new or previously owned vehicle. It covers nearly all components and parts in the event of a mechanical breakdown or failure as well as tires and wheels. A few components are excluded, such as routine maintenance items like as wiper blades, light bulbs, etc.; cosmetic items like bumpers, carpet, trim, etc.; and damaged/corroded/rusted parts.*

I will gladly provide warranty term and pricing upfront if you would like to review the pricing in advance.