Maintenance Minder

Honda/Acura Maintenance Minder System

When the Oil Life of your Acura/Honda reaches 15%, a wrench image will display on your dash. Yellow wrench will be accompanied by a Maintenance Minder message displaying “Service Due Soon”. Below this message will be listed a sequence of letters and numbers. These letters and numbers are your “Maintenance Codes” An example of codes shown below.  


Here is a description of what each individual Maintenance code means for your vehicle. (Please remember that more than one code may be displayed at a time, i.e. A1 or B123


1 – Rotate tires, check tire pressure and condition

2 – Replace engine air filter and cabin air filter.

3 – Replace transmission fluid(DRAIN AND FILL ONLY) and transfer fluid (if equipped).

4 – Replace spark plugs, replace timing belt (if equipped), inspect water pump, and inspect/ adjust valve clearance.

5 – Replace engine coolant

6 – Replace rear differential fluid (if equipped)

7 – Brake Fluid Flush


The Maintenance Minder is an important feature of the information display. Based on engine and transmission operating conditions, and accumulated engine revolutions, your Honda’s onboard computer (ECM/PCM) calculates the remaining engine oil and the transmission fluid life. The system also displays the remaining engine oil life along with the code(s) for other scheduled maintenance items needing service.