What is Auto Sourcing

LET ME SAVE YOU $1000 ON YOUR NEXT CAR!!! What you get from me: 

How do I do it?

I rely on your referral and repeat business only. I don't provide this service for the general public. 100% of the units I sell are pre-sold, so I have virtually no carrying costs. In this portion of my business, I don't buy cars for speculation, therefore I don't have wholesale losses, I don't have staff expenses, I don't have advertising expenses, I don't recondition or detail your car unless you authorize the expense.

What makes me different?

I do not take money from you up front. This is my assurance to you that I will not pay too much for your car. There are other dealers that provide a similar service, but require a 10% upfront fee or require you to go to the auction with them (which is a Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission violation). The only reason they do this is because they intend to buy your car very quickly and will pay higher than wholesale value. They will need your deposit to offset their overpayment if you don't purchase the car they buy for you. Since I started Auto Sourcing, I have had three customers choose to have me buy them a different car and I have made a wholesale profit on all of them after paying all auction fees!

What qualifies me to do this?